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The new items consist of a series of higher-tech and substantial high quality chains and sprockets and gears, this kind of as chains and gearboxes for agricultural machineries, metallurgical chains, escalator stage-chains, substantial-speed tooth chains, timing chains, self-lubrication chains, among which have kind substantial pace tooth chain for vehicle branch dynamic box and aerial chains fill in the blanks of chain in China. Our products are used in many fields. In 2000, EPG took the lead in attaining ISO14001 surroundings administration certificate and thereafter passed the inspection of clear creation and recycling economy, winning the title of “Zhejiang Inexperienced Enterprise”. You should observe: Some retailers copy our merchandise texts, only the HengEPTT model has German EPT and patent certificates.

hose crimping EPTT
Product DX68 DX76 DX102 DX150
Crimping range six-51mm(1/4 quot ~two quot) 6~76mm ( one/four~three quot ) six~102mm ( 1/4~four quot ) 6-150mm(1/4~six quot)
Max crimping Pressure 449T 500T 1400T 2500T
Rated Stress 31.5MPa 50Mpa 31.5Mpa 31.5Mpa
Excess weight 250kg 300kg 520kg 900kg
Mildew EPTtity 10 sets 13Sets 16Sets 17Sets
EPTT 3KW/4KW 4KW 4KW/5.5KW/seven.5KW 4KW/5.5KW/seven.5KW
Voltage 220V/380V 240V / 380V 380V or EPT 380V or EPT
Scale accuracy .02mm .02mm .01mm .01mm
All round proportions 670*490*780mm 730*470*930mm 900*790*1070mm 1030*630* 1160mm

Short Introduction
Design DX68 pipe locking EPTT is mostly employed for buckling processing for high stress rubber pipe assembly in the mechanical engineering. It can also be utilised for buckling the two-way bends, eEPTTly big bends and irregular condition bends.
This EPTT functions modest and transportable appearance, huge pressure, reduced noise and easy to oper- ate. The buckling quantity can be specific altered by means of a scale. It tends to make the mould foundation division to be more even through the double inclined aircraft eight-flap mould seat equipped with a substantial precision XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. device.

Principal EPTnical Feature
Buckling selection: Phi4mm- Phi51mm(2 layers steel wire rubber hose) Max. buckling power: 449T
Scale accuracy: .02mm Rated pressure: 31.5 MPa
Oil pump displacement: 5ml/rad (380V) 2.5ml/rad (220V) Overall proportions: 670(L) times490(W) times780(H)mm

Set up and Operation

one.Incorporate sufficiently seventy nine liters of Wonderful Wall brand 46# anti-abrasion EPT oil. If the place tem- perature is lower than ten ordmC, ten% transformer oil is need to have to add.
Hook up the electrical supply effectively as for each the EPTT requirements, to make the direction of the motor rotation to be regular with the rotation route marking, and grounding protection shall be done.

2.Regulating the scale
The scale is used for regulating the volume of the buckling. When it is regulated clockwise, the buckling amount will lower, when it is controlled anticlockwise, the buckling quantity will improve. The scale is connected jointly with oil cylinEPTTend go over through 3 socket head screws and three EPTs on the scale base. When utilizing a hand to pull the scale (vertical to the oil cylinEPTTend protect direction), the scale can fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.bly leave from the oil cylinEPTTend cover. When releasing the scale, the scale will be recovered relying on EPT drive. Just before the EPTT is turned on, examine meticulously if the scale telescoping is fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble and if the lead con- nection is dependable.

3.The primary scale is turned inside line of the secondary scale, turn the EPTT on for test run, and observe if all steps are normal. If when the piston conducts reciprocating shift- ment, there is a crawling phenomenon, the bleed screw on the oil cylinEPTTtop shall be unscrewed for exhausting air.

4.Strain regulation
The buckling force and opening mould stress will be controlled via two knobs at the again of the oil cylinEPTT(see determine), when it is regulated clockwise, the force will enhance, when it is controlled anticlockwise, the stress will lessen (The strain has already been well controlled when ex-factory).

Primarily based on the dimension of the rubber hose to be buckled, decide on suited mould as for each the technological parameter reference table of the locking pipe and mount it on the mould foundation. Regulated nicely the scale position as per the knowledge in the info in the table, the pipe locking can be completed. Soon after pipe locking, use a vernier caliper to mease the outdoors diameter dimension of the pipe sleeve following buckling to see if it satisfies the reference desk knowledge of the parameter. If it does not meet up with the data, the scale shall be specifically regulated until finally it fulfills the specifications. Simply because the manufactures of the pipe sleeve are diverse, so, specific dimension, content, hardness and many others are certainly not the identical. These factors would result diverse influences on the pipe locking consequence, consequently, the information in the table is only for reference, the thorough info consider the strain check as the basis.

1.When buckling, make the joint to locate the mould cEPTTr as considerably as feasible, the joint is not buckled on the hex nut.
2.Avert instrument and other overseas issue from EPTTring the locking head.
three.Right after the work is concluded for each time, the 8-block mould foundation need to be made to extend to the greatest extent, this can make the EPT to be at extension status. If not, the EPT will be injury.
4.When functioning, the hand must not extend into the locking head.
5.The EPTT supply should be switched off when upkeep is accomplished.

Maintenance and Treatment
The EPT oil in the oil tank ought to be regularly checked, if oil volume is discovered to be insuf- ficient, the oil shall be well timed supplemEPTTd. If the oil liquid is polluted, it shall be filtered or changed.
The locking head shall keep inside cleanliness. Keep away from the overseas issues during processing to EPTTr into the locking head oil cylinEPTTvia the mould to affect the normal use. Wipe out the overseas issues, which are brougEPTT by the mould physique in time when buckling the joint.
Regularly fill suitable grease into the mould physique for lubrication.

We will provide a ensure to keep the EPTT in very good mend inside 12 months from the day when the EPTT is obtained. All fitting troubles will be free of charge of demand repaired (or replaced if needed) throughout the guarantee interval. The harm resulted from inappropriate use o accident injury does not beEPTT to cost-free of charge restore selection.

The EPTT Record
one.The higher force locking tube EPTT in model DX 150 1 set
two.Mold (Overall ten Sets)
Phi6 one set
Phi10 one set
Phi13 one established
Phi16 one established
Phi19 1 established
Phi22 one established
Phi25 1 set
Phi32 one established
Phi38 1set
Phi51 1set


one. What degree of support do you supply ?

*Your inquiry will be replied in 24 hours.

*EigEPTT constant years as an Alibaba EPT provider and more than 25 several years EPTT EPT and manufacturing experience .

* We supply totally free spare elements and services inside fourteen thirty day period guarantee period.

* EPTT Help by supplying operation coaching films .

* Skilled right after-income provider staff.

* Give realistic delivers with the best top quality.

2. What is our benefits?

* Competitive value: We can meet up with your spending budget and best-offering organization quite nicely.

* OEM Recognized: We can generate EPT layout.

* Excellent Provider: We handle customers as close friends and supply issue solving at any time you need.

* Great EPTT: We have strict good quality manage technique. Excellent track record in the market.

* Fast amp Shipping and delivery: We have big price cut from forwarEPTT(EPTT-term Contract).

* Doorway To Door Services.

three. Can you customize the EPTT for the customer?

Sure. We can, we also offer OEM for customers If you require EPT providers, you should contact us

4. What is the MOQ?

We typically provide 1 established for consumers to examination.


Trouble phenomena Difficulty purpose Eliminating method
EPTT has not motion Oil tank has not been crammed with oil Fill oil as for each necessity
EPT rotation path is not right Regulate two stage strains
Electrical problems Overhaul electrical circuits
Scale is ruined The scale is mounted on the oil cylinEPTTend face by the screw Control the scale as for each the instruction to make scale to telescope freely
Conductor at scale place is linked with scale Anew join the scale conductor to make it to be insulated from scale foundation
Electric powered difficulty Overhaul electric circuits and electrical aspects
Scale conductor reducing Anew join scale
Program force is excessively reduced Adjust buckling strain-regulating valve
No buckling The valve main of solenoid reversal valve is seizured by foreign issues Dismount solenoid reversal valve, use gasoline to cleanse the valve core.
Electrical difficulty Overhaul electric circuits
EPT is not opened Opening mould pressure is excessively minimal Change opening mould pressure regulating valve
Electric problems Overhaul electrical circuits
Large noise Set up is not secure Carry out horizontal steady installation
EPT oil is excessively filthy EPT or change it
EPT is blocked Use gasoline to cleanse the filter
EPT base crawls Gas in the EPT oil has not bee exhausted fully Suited unscrew the bleed screw, make the piston in the oil cylinEPTTto shift back again to very last situation to exhaust gas, then screw down bleed screw.
Lubrication is very poor Smear grease on the working inclined experience of mould foundation
Oil leakage EPTt is not tightened carefully Tighten the oil pipe joint
EPT washer is broken.

A parameter checklist of the tooting and the press force for every kind of rubble tube(for reference)

buy Internal diameter of the rubble tube Outer diameter of the
rubble tube
Used tooting Fifty percent locking amp pressing meter force MPa EPTT locking amp urgent meter stress MPa
1 Phi6 Phi15 Phi17 Phi15 five.five
two Phi10 Phi19 Phi21 Phi21 6.5~seven
three Phi13 Phi23 Phi25 Phi27 Phi25 8.5~9
four Phi16 Phi26 Phi28 Phi28 nine~10
5 Phi19 Phi29 Phi31 Phi35 Phi30 9
6 Phi22 Phi32 Phi34 Phi38 Phi34 12~13
twenty five~thirty
seven Phi25 Phi36 Phi38 Phi42 Phi38 10~11
eight Phi32 Phi44 Phi46 Phi50 Phi42 Phi45 twelve~13
nine Phi38 Phi50 Phi52 Phi60 Phi50 Phi55 14
ten Phi51 Phi63 Phi65 Phi69 Phi60 Phi65 25
forty eight

If any confusion, pls contact:

Hana (EPT Supervisor)
Mob./ : 18522425988

Tel: 86~571-8822571/88220973-83859655

Is there any other type EPTT I can choose?

We offer you different sorts of hose crimping EPTT. If you are interested in any one, Any concerns are welcome.

  in Bujumbura Burundi  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hot Sale Top Factory Fin Power  Ce Certificate India Zibabwe Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine 12sets Free Dies   Hose Crimper   Hose Swaging Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Bujumbura Burundi  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Hot Sale Top Factory Fin Power  Ce Certificate India Zibabwe Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine 12sets Free Dies   Hose Crimper   Hose Swaging Machine manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler